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C&E Imprinted Sportswear provides custom apparel decorating services. Here is a little infomation  about the three main methods of decorating we use. If you have any questions or would like help deciding which service(s) will best suit your needs, please contact us.

Screen Printing

We are a custom screen printer. In our opinion screen printing is still the best and most versatile way to decorate t-shirts as well as many other promotional products.

 A stencil of your design is created on

polyester mesh screen(s). The screens are setup on either our Anatol Horizon automatic or Antec Legend manual screen printing presses. A squeegei is used to force a  special ink  through the stencil and onto the shirt for each color in the design. The shirts then go through a conveyor oven where the ink is cured at over 300 degrees. (We carefully monitor our ovens to make sure your print is properly cured to prevent it from washing off or cracking.)

This process creates the most vivid and durable designs. We recomend screen printing as the go-to process for decorating t-shirts in most instances.



Embroidery is a great way to decorate

"corporate apparel". It is also the best

way to put a logo on caps  or visors.

If you need professional looking polos or button down shirts for your office, embroidery is the way to go.

 In the past a lot of caps and visors were screen printed. Through the years we have found the results to be less than optimal.  We recomend embroidery for all cap/visor orders.

Embroidery is a much more "cap-friendly" method of decorating and in our opinion, creates a better looking finished product.

 Your logo or design will be "digitized"

to create a special computer file that tells the embroidery machine where to place each stich. Our state-of -the art Barudan embroidery machine is capable of stitching up to 15 colors of thread on any given design.

 Embroidery is also great for decorating jackets, blankets, towels, tote bags, athletic bags and more.


Heat Applied Graphics

A heat press is a great way to put your player names and numbers on the back of your athletic team jerseys. We

can also apply custom, full color transfers to t-shirts, athletic uniforms, aprons, etc.

 Our awesome, new Stahl's Hotronix Fusion is the best professional heat press avliable. It's touch-screen controls and digital read out provide for proper and consistant temperature, ensuring that your heat applied graphics stay put.

 First we cut your vinyl names, numbers or design on our Roland Camm-1 Servo vinyl cutter. Then they are applied to the your garments using heat and pressure provided by the heat press. This method creates an extremely durable and colorfast application.

We can also order full-color digital transfers that are also applied with the heat press. This is useful when there is a need for a large range of colors or photographic image on dark fabrics. It can also ba a good way to decorate hard to screen print items.

Heat pressing can also be a more cost efficient way to handle smaller orders, where making screens and setting up a press can be impractical.

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